History of School

  • Shri Vriddheshar Gramin Vikas Pratishthan was established on 22nd November 2002 and got government recognization on 31st January 2003.
  • After a careful scrutiny and micro-study of several schools, the management of the institution gave due consideration for the inception of an Ultramodern Rural Education Complex in the form of ‘PARTH PUBLIC SCHOOL’.
  • The founder-president of this institution honorable ‘Shri. Arjunrao Dadapatil Rajale’ is a dedicated educationist. His insistence is always on providing a broad based quality type of education to the new generation with resolute desire to serve faithfully our motherland rural areas in particular.
  • Many schools and colleges are available in Pathardi Taluka but the credit goes to Hon. Mr. Arjunrao Dadapatil Rajale (Founder-President of Institution) and Hon. Dr. Harshal Rabhaji Chitale (Founder-Secretary of Institution) that to think in different way to establish the first ever well-established English Medium school in Pathardi Taluka at Tisgaon, on 15th June 2003 and on 2nd October 2003 at Pathardi.
  • The school is government recognized and follows all the norms of education meticulously.
  • Both the Schools are running successfully. The first batch of 10th standard passed out in March-2013 with 100% passing result with Ayush Dipak Meher Scoring 90.91% grasping the first rank. The result of all succeeding years is also 100%.
  • The 2016-2017 is the institution’s 15th successive year with about 700 students learning in the institution.
  • About 40 people get employed in the school.
  • Understanding the importance, students are coming to the school from about 20 to 30 kilometers away from the school.
  • In this good, settled, historical area our school has been settled and getting good progress in every year and every student is trying to give their best skills and every teacher is trying to give their best to students.


Curiosity Creator: Some of the interesting and curious questions written in the curiosity notebook to be asked by the students to the teachers …

  • When we burn a paper, and we turn it downside why the fire goes up, but the gravity is acting downside?
  • In Karate, why the black coloured belt is regarded as the superior one?
  • When a runner of the car we see while running we see it moving backwards?
  • When we apply kumkum to us we use ring fingers but while applying to others we use thumbs. Why?
  • When there is any festival women and girls apply mehandi on their hand? What is the importance of it?
  • If we are doing the work which we like then the time passes very fast but not at other instances?
  • Why the wavelength of the red colour is more?
  • Cloud contains water but still clouds are lighter than water? Why?
  • If gravity pulls each object downwards then when we burn the match stick the fire does not come down?
  • Why the wireless networks are of less speed than wired one?

Practical Environment School as community project to bring the awareness of environment in the students. Students from the school actively participating in the cleaning of environment, city or nearby villages by taking proper care and precautions preventing the contagious diseases.

In this activity our intention is to correlate natural environment with students social, cultural and personal environment. ‘We do, instead of just taking fake snaps of work.

Every Year School starts New Surprise Package Activity for the students.