Environment School

In today’s world we have to change our view towards the nature. We use it just for our needs but not fulfilling its needs. If we are needy then what about the nature? The time has already come to suggest or rethink the traditional ways of life-style. That’s why we are taking part of world’s greatest movement ever; i.e. Cleanliness of Our Environment and do at least something for our nature. Fight against the Global Warming in Local Way.

Some things that we generally do in the school are as follows;

  • Recycling the papers in the school for every purpose.
  • During the academic years 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 we used complete recycled papers.
  • For exam questions papers we recycled up to 15000 papers during last two academic years.
  • During the period of five years (2009-2014) didn’t purchased a single paper for its printing work as during that year all question papers are recycled.
  • Daily students collect the One-side blank papers from their surrounding which are of no use but can be recycled in school.
  • Everyday minimum 10 (A4/Legal/Letter sized pages) papers are collected by students.
  • School is using those papers for even in office and exam works.
  • We have boxes as garbage collector bins in the classes instead of plastic bins.
  • The Dust-bins are also recycled which are packaged boxes of ceiling fans.
  • Less use of plastic is promoted.
  • Students are promoted to donate a book to a library instead of distributing chocolates in school on their birthdays.
  • Book Donating Activity is started from 20 September 2014 and up to 31st December 2014 about 50 books are donated by students. And the counting is still going on and on…
  • Students and teachers are spreading the idea of avoiding the use of plastic carry-bags in the market too.
  • Cleaning of class is carried by higher-primary and secondary students them-selves.
  • 2nd October every year is celebrated as Cleanliness Day.
  • School arranges some activities like cleaning of tourist spots, pilgrimage centers etc. on every possible occasions.
  • We are not doing all the activities not for clicking the snaps only; we are actually doing it being a social and responsible part of the nature.