Geographical / Historical / Cultural Background of Pathardi :

  • Geography :

Pathardi is the major taluka in eastern part of Ahmednagar district. The neighboring talukas are Shevgaon, Newasa, Rahuri, Ahmednagar from Ahmednagar and Ashti from Beed District. The Pathardi has annual average temperature is about 250C located in mountainous region. The climate is mostly Hot and Dry. The rainfall in this region decreases as we go from west to east direction. During Summer temperature rises more than 450C and in Summer decreases sometimes close to 50C. The average rainfall is much lower up to 20 inches per annum. But the average atmosphere is soothing throughout the year. Most of the rivers are flowing towards North-Eastern part to meet bigger rivers like Godavari and others. Nearest Railway Station is Ahmednagar. The population is more than 177 per square kilometer now.

  • Places :

District Head, that is ‘Ahmednagar’ is about 55km away from city. Nearest metropolitan cities like Pune and Aurangabad are about 175 and 100 km away respectively. Important tourist places (with approximate distaces) near Pathardi are, pilgrimage centers like Mohatadevi (10km), Madhi (10km), Vriddheshwar (20km), Bhagawangad (30km), Mayamba (20km), Hanuman Takali (15km) etc. The city itself is well-known for its weekly Huge Bull-Market on Wednesdays. One of the main water canal of Mula Dam passing through North and Eastern parts of taluka which helps in irrigation. In the village of Kasar Pimpalgaon, the famous co-operative sugar factory named ‘Vriddheshwar Co-operative Sugar Factory’ is located. Other Important villages are Kharwandi, Miri, Koradgaon, Karanji, Tisgaon, etc. with quite big markets.

  • History :

The history behind the name of Pathardi is that when Parth (One of the heroic ‘Arjun’ from Epic ‘Mahabharat’) was passing by his chariot, The prince Brabruvahan (Arjun’s son) fought against him and defeated the Parth. Due to this defeat he cried here at this place. So the name arise as Parth + Radi that later became Pathardi.

  • Government :

The small city of Pathardi has its own Local governing body of ‘Nagarpalika’. The Primary Health centers, Taluka Court, Police Station, Monthly RTO Camps, Regional Government Offices are all available in the city.

  • Transportation :

The main means of transportation are private and government vehicles. No aviation or railway facility available. But National Highway 222, Kalyan (Near Mumbai) – Vishakhapattanam (Andra Pradesh) passing through the taluka and proper city.